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Beijing  grassland Xin Mao  Food company is located in  DaXing District.Cold storage's area is more than 1000 m2 ,which  can store thousands of tones .The company has more than 20 years of Sales experiences in the cattle and sheep meat industry ,which is a  Sales company that makes beef and mutton as the main products. The company mainly provides products for the wholesale market channels,food and drink wholesale channels ,shopping malls and supermaket wholesale channels.There are three blocks:Hot pot series ,barbecue series ,meet with bones series .Mutton roll is main product of our company ,which is also  our best selling product.

Under the chairman ,Zhang Mao's lead ,over the years the company obey to meet the need of different customers',has been walking in the front of the same industry .The company absorbs the experience and mistakes of every big industries,absoring the essence ,improving with the times ,and making innovation constantly .Although the market environment always in volatile,the pace of the company always in a good tendency which is steady go forward .We believe that the company' future will be brilliant .

 Grassland Xin Mao Food company will go on to work hard to expand the scale of operation ,improve sales services constantly, striving to provide more quality good product for most customers .


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